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Begin your transformation pathway to Outrageous Success with a complimentary Clarity, Strategy, Action Session

The Clarity, Strategy, Action Session is a complimentary, no obligation session.  It is my gift to you so that you can experience what it is to be deeply listened to, as well as provide you with many opportunities for clarity and Aha moments by pointing out the gap between where you are, where you want to be, and how we can get you there with power, grace and ease.  It is recorded so that you can continue to benefit from the many Aha moments and absolute gold nuggets of clarity as you listen afterwards.  

​I'm deeply thrilled to offer my you my very best work, so that you can drastically shorten your learning curve and achieve a profoundly satifsying sense of success on every possible level, while saying YES to your soul mission, and bring your heart centered passion and work to the people who are waiting for you!  

Each One on One and Group program plans below are created uniquely for you and offer laser focused coaching, powerful transformation and outrageous success as well as an easy step up to the next level of expansion. 

Laser Focused One on One Coaching Services: 

Decoding the Map: a one time, 90 minute session exploring your personal Financial Astrology to identify the gifts and the strengths as well as the challenges and lessons in your unique birthchart with how you approach and handle money. Challenges and blocks will be identified and cleared and you will come away with amazing clarity and confidence in your ability to handle any financial issues now and in the future.  By special introductory offer for $127, normally a $167 value!

Clarity NOW: a one month intensive program designed to begin to uncover the blocks in your mind-body system preventing clarity which will allow you to create your unique path and prepare you to take the next steps with ease.  Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 3 additional weekly sessions $597

Confidence to MOVE ahead: a three month intensive program that expands the identification and clearing of the blocks that are stopping you from achieving the pathway to success that you deserve! Deeper focus provides enhanced clarity and confidence resulting in a wave of positive momentum forward, allowing you to take those steps to your future without the fear of losing your way. Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 11 addtional weekly sessions $1797  

Power your PASSION: a six month intensive program which digs deeply to identify and clear the blocks hardwired to your nervous system that are preventing you from creating and sustaining your succes with power, confidence and ease. Designed to help you accomplish the deeper transformation that you need for continued laser focused clarity to visualize, create and actualize your unique path to success.  Continued positive momentum expands and accelerates for consistent results with ease.  Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 23 additional weekly sessions $3597

From Dream to REALITY: a nine month intensive program offering unprecedented deep transformation. This level of focus allows for so much paradigm shifting clarity and confidence on a personal level that transformation for your business is now introduced at this level.  Deeply honoring your process and progress, extending these on a business level.  Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 35 additional weekly sessions $5397

Powerful Group Coaching Services:

Take a Quantum LEAP: our exclusive, introductory 4 week GROUP class
to help you identify what is keeping you stuck and holding you back from having a healthy relationship with your money.  This powerful class will allow you to identify and break free of old patterns and allow you to create powerful new actions so that you can move forward with confidence and ease.  By special introductory offer for $197, an incredible value for huge clarity and Aha moments that you will only receive here!

This LIVE CLASS will be offered again in the near future.  Reserve your space NOW by contacting us at (561)633-6826  or email:

Coaching Sessions are conducted weekly via Skype or Phone
Coaching Programs and Classes are paid in advance through Paypal invoice or credit card by phone
Sessions are not transferrable to others
Email support between weekly sessions

There is no better time than NOW to begin.  And a year from now, you'll wish that you had started today.  Don't allow this to happen to you!  

No matter where you are, I am ready, willing and able to hold this space for you and guide you forward with power, grace and ease.  You deserve to experience skyrocketing personal and business success, as well as the deep satisfaction and joy that comes from living your soul mission and having it nurture and support you while you make a deeply positive difference in the lives of others.

Let's begin co-creating your miracle now! Contact me to schedule your complimentary, no obligation Clarity, Strategy, Action Session.  Call (561) 633-6826 or email

To your outrageous success,

Yolanda Vargas Perera

CEO, Quantum Wealth NOW

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