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Our Quantum Astrology, Space and Cosmic Weather Analysis, Financial Healing Group Classes and One on One Coaching programs below are created uniquely for you and offer laser focused presence, powerful transformation and real life results as well as an easy step up to your next level of expansion.

Services are listed in the order given above so please scroll down to find and learn more about your area/s of interest!

Quantum Astrology Services: 

Your Soul Plan and Life Blueprint with Quantum Astrology Ongoing and online, special limited time offer!
It is time to understand the medicine of Astrology in a new way, with a new purpose and a new outcome.  Every birth chart is unlike any other on the planet and represents a soul plan for the human life. Every question you can think of asking has an answer already built in.  To me it's intelligent design from a conscious universe at it most brilliant. The energies it represents are alive and we are given the opportunity to do more with this than just be affected by it.  We do now have a choice in how we wish to express this energy as well as co-create with it as in this place in time-space, linear has been replaced with quantum and exponential.

Each of us has a blueprint of potentials for our life experience and through this I have found no better map or navigation system to identify the challenges and through resolving these in a quantum and physically observable and confirmational way, access the gifts and strengths already built in.  But we cannot access these gifts unless we know that they exist. Nor can we overcome what is holding us back.

Come explore with me the possibilities for all that you are and can easily become with the blessings from an intelligent and conscious universe that exists in your very cells.  It all begins with our exclusive Birth chart Overview that will teach you how to know and use this energy designated for your use in your life in a way you never have before. You'll never think of yourself the same way again.

Individual Sessions are 90 mins at the special limited time rate of just $147.  Custom birth chart and session recording is included.  With receipt of your payment at the link below, we will contact you to schedule your session time.
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 Your Money Universe, a unique session exploring your personal Financial Astrology in this one of a kind study, we will visit the cosmic vault to learn how money is coded in your soul plan.  We'll identify your unique financial style as well as the gifts and the strengths that are already coded in your cosmic DNA that you may not yet know about.  We'll also identify any challenges and lessons in your unique birth chart with how you approach and handle money. These challenges and blocks will be identified and cleared and you will come away with amazing clarity and confidence in your ability to handle any financial issues now and in the future.  

Individual Sessions are 90 mins at the special limited time rate of just $147.  Custom birth chart and session recording is included.  With receipt of your payment at the link below, we will contact you to schedule your session time.

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Space and Cosmic Weather Analysis Service:

The Rock to Star Report: Cosmic and Spaceweather Monthly subscription Group

For those with an interest in cosmic and space weather and its researched and confirmed effects on the human physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new work: The Rock to Star Report

The Rock to Star Report is an online cosmic, planetary and space weather advisory service that will help you to understand trends and events happening in this arena and that affect events on the ground, so that you will always know the right action to take in your personal journey.

To our knowledge, there never before has been a service like ours that can help you get clarity, confidence and momentum to help you move forward in every way that you want to, but may not have had the deep level of support to help you get there.

Your Future Success with the cosmic wind at your back begins NOW as we invite you to join us with our exclusive introductory offer below as we launch our journey to touch the stars and stay firmly grounded!

The Rock to Star Report is delivered online through a private group on Facebook, where we will cover Astrological and Planetary Alignments as well as Spaceweather events to help you get a read on the pulse of the cosmos so that you can navigate through these events at ground level with greater ease.

We’ll also include additional information to help you with daily navigation, and provide you with opportunities to join group specific healing events and classes. All events and classes will be offered at online at a nominal rate, with recordings available if you cannot attend live.

We would love to welcome you to join us with our special introductory offer: Monthly membership at $17 per month. With receipt of your payment at the link below, we will add you to The Rock To Star Facebook Group.  If your FB name is different than the one that you use on your Paypal account, please let us know so that we will be able to find you!

To subscribe, please click this link that will create your membership through Paypal.

​​​​​​​Once you register, then I will add you to the group where you will be able to access today's advisory based on current significant space weather events. You will not want to miss this!

With gratitude and blessings returned and can't wait to see you in the group! Yolanda

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Financial Healing online Group Classes:

Take a Quantum LEAP: our introductory 4 week online class offered on an individual and group class basis to help you identify what is keeping you stuck and holding you back from having a healthy relationship with your money.  This powerful class will allow you to identify and break free of old patterns and allow you to create powerful new actions so that you can move forward with confidence and ease.  

These classes will be offered again in January 2019.  Please visit our Workshops and Classes page linked here in blue (and also at the top right of this page next to the red Join Us button ) to register.​​​​​​​

Real Life Support so that you can achieve Real Life Results: 
Quoted from students of our Quantum Wealth NOW: Take a Quantum Leap with your Money online class, January 2018

"This class is making such a difference in my life."

"The desire to spend money just to feel good for the moment is gone."

"This is a powerful class!"

"My entire attitude towards money and finances has completely changed for the better, and I didn't have to struggle to change it."

"I am seeing results in brand new opportunities and connections that are coming to me since I started taking this class! I am excited for the future!"

"You totally identified the blocks that I didn't even know I had around money and wealth! Finally I understand why I have felt so awful about it for most of my life!"

"for the first time my checkbook is showing money left over at the end of the month and my credit card spending is the lowest it has been in a long time. It was so easy to do and I couldn't be happier."

One on One Financial Healing and Success Coaching Services:

All one on one coaching packages below begin with a complimentary Clarity Call to establish where you are, where you’d like to be and what you need to get there.  To set up your call please email or call (561) 633-6826

Clarity NOW: a one month intensive program designed to begin to uncover the blocks in your mind-body system preventing clarity which will allow you to create your unique path and prepare you to take the next steps with ease.  Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 3 additional weekly sessions

Confidence to MOVE ahead: a three month intensive program that expands the identification and clearing of the blocks that are stopping you from achieving the pathway to success that you deserve! Deeper focus provides enhanced clarity and confidence resulting in a wave of positive momentum forward, allowing you to take those steps to your future without the fear of losing your way. Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 11 addtional weekly sessions

Power your PASSION: a six month intensive program which digs deeply to identify and clear the blocks hardwired to your nervous system that are preventing you from creating and sustaining your succes with power, confidence and ease. Designed to help you accomplish the deeper transformation that you need for continued laser focused clarity to visualize, create and actualize your unique path to success.  Continued positive momentum expands and accelerates for consistent results with ease.  Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 23 additional weekly sessions

From Dream to REALITY: a nine month intensive program offering unprecedented deep transformation. This level of focus allows for so much paradigm shifting clarity and confidence on a personal level that transformation for your business is now introduced at this level.  Deeply honoring your process and progress, extending these on a business level.  Includes Financial Astrology and Birthchart Overview with 35 additional weekly sessions 

Coaching Sessions are conducted weekly via Skype or Phone
Coaching Programs and Classes are paid in advance by PayPal or credit card by phone
Sessions are not transferrable to others
Support between weekly sessions


There is no better time than NOW to begin.  And a year from now, you'll wish that you had started today. 

Visit our Workshops page to reserve your seat in our next online class, reserve your Quantum Astrology Session, subscribe to The Rock to Star Report or c
ontact me today to schedule your complimentary Clarity Call. ​​​​​​​

 To your peace of mind through your financial healing and success.


 Yolanda Perera

Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach and

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What is Financial Trauma?

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