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Our exclusive approach is simple, yet extraordinarily effective because we take the coaching process from a linear, one-way conversation and transform the process itself to an quantum, exponential and multidimensional one. 

Below are some of the tools we use with each of our amazing clients.  

The Art and Science of Astrology provides us with an extraordinary life blueprint, unique to each and every person on the planet. The information that can be found by an experienced astrologer can assist the client to realize their highest expression of the soul’s potential in this lifetime. Here we can find not only the challenges and lessons but also inherited and karmic issues chosen to be worked through.  There are always equally profound gifts ready to be realized, along with soul mission.  A detailed analysis of our Client’s Financial Astrological profile will be illuminated, understood and cleared so that gifts also present may be more easily accessed.   

The Tapping Into Wealth Program is laser focused, process driven and delivers rock solid results in identifying and eliminating deep blocks wired into each and every persons nervous system with beliefs, feelings and traumas around Money and Finances. This is a subconsciously driven phenomenon that affects the Mind-Body Connection every single time you think about money, driving your central nervous system into fight or flight mode, eliminating clarity and objective logical action around this essential area for personal and business success. 

With the proven results of this one of a kind system that utilizes the powerful EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping, no stone will remain unturned in clearing YOUR transformational pathway to success. This work is essential to allow you bring your great work forward and ensure its ability to nourish and sustain you as you provide powerful and positive impact in the lives of others.   

Cosmic and Planetary Trend Analysis provides exclusive insight to the Planetary Alignments, Cosmic and Space weather events and how these affect the collective consciousness here on the Earth’s surface.  We know that the macrocosm affects the microcosm.  With an awareness of the Planetary and Cosmic alignments, we keep our finger on the pulse of how these events shape human behavior and sentiment.  As with everything, timing is indeed the key to extraordinary success: when to move forward, when to wait, when to implement and when to hold for better conditions ahead. 

J.P Morgan has often been credited with the quote “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do.” Whether he indeed said this or not, the wisdom remains.  And now more than ever we are seeing successful businesses and business people turning to the wisdom provided by this awareness to assist them to make optimal decisions in personal and business timing for success. 

Our powerful, effective and comprehensive coaching program provides the deep depth in transformation that will bring you the rock solid results you need so that you can achieve the next level in your money, finances and success in a big way with the huge results you dream of, while you create a powerful and positive impact on others .  

I truly believe that if you have a dream in your heart that you feel passionately about, it is not an accident!

If you want to get moving quickly on powerful and continual momentum, you need equally powerful and experienced support that shares your vision while maximizing your results.  

No matter where you are in the process, I am ready, willing and able to hold this space for you so that you can move forward with power, grace and ease.  Click below to see how we can move forward together!
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